Bad Boys of Rock

Friday night was so much fun. It's been too long since I've been to a concert. I think the last one was two years ago in Wisconsin for Country Thunder USA. I've got some great memories of that trip and am so glad we went. My sister and I don't often get our dad to leave his house let alone the state. Of course, he might have regretted that when his fifth wheel blew a tire on an expressway in Chicago...

But I digress.

This Friday a group of eight girls was supposed to go see Hinder, Buckcherry, and Papa Roach. (Hey, I like a variety of music!) Due to work obligations there ended up being only seven us, though, which was a complete bummer! It didn't feel right being there without my concert-going sidekick!

Most of us met at a halfway point and car-pooled down to the concert grounds; this was an open-air venue with a covered pavilion. Only one of our group decided to meet us inside the gates, which made sense since she lives a jump, hop and a skip away from the place. Of course, we should have better coordinated our meeting place because 6 of us were waiting on one set of stairs while our other girl stood alone on a nearby, but completely obscured, set of stairs. Oops.

Alls well that ends well, though. We finally found each other and headed off to watch the concert. Buckcherry was in full swing when we finally found a spot to stand - we got kicked off the walkway railing by a rather unpleasant bouncer. I'm sure some people need to be talked to like their five-year-olds...but who cares! I was there to have fun and this sour puss wasn't about to rain on my parade!

Speaking of had been raining on and off all day. We were so certain of getting wet that we stopped to buy rain ponchos. That we never used. Not once. Didn't even get them out of their cases. The skies cleared and it got muggy...making the jackets around our midwestern waists totally unnecessary.

Since I had a DD, I must admit I took full advantage of the situation. I danced and sang and screamed. It felt great. Especially when I wasn't the only one in the group determined to have fun. We all danced and sang and screamed.

And laughed. There was this old guy there...dancing by himself...rolling up his cut off shorts to his hip joint...yeah, that was hilarious.

To top the night off, we stopped at Taco Bell for a midnight snack. Yum!

Of course, being just this side of young and resilent, it took nearly the entire weekend to get over feeling exhausted. Thank God I didn't have a hang-over to go with the weariness! That would have sucked.
*Image copied from Hinder's website.