Thursday 13

Thirteen Things that can be found on my desk today:

1. A coffee cup, even though I don't drink coffee.

2. Trail Mix (Fruit and Nut variety) because I skipped breakfast.

3. Lotion. Right now I have two..cucumber melon and mango mandarin.

4. Cumumber melon hand sanitizer. (I need to replace this soon as its almost empty).

5. Business cards with the wrong street address on them.

6. Burt's Bees strawberry lip gloss.

7. Tropicana grape juice..see #2 for explanation.

8. Office keys, easily identifiable when shoved into my purse or backpack by the long pink lanyard.

9. Paper towel.

10. One of the original First Generation IPods. It's big and clunky but it still works!

11. My flashdrive, also easily identifiable by a long teal-colored lanyard.

12. Kleenez because its one of life's necessities.

13. WORK!!!

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