A Night with the Hubby

Last night the hubby and I got a sitter for the kidlets and went out on a date. At least, that's what I'm calling it. I figure anytime we get to go out to eat and, eventually, spend some time alone together, it's a date. Who cares if the first part of the evening was spent at a restaurant with friends? After we left there, we were alone. Just the two of us. And that's a date!

There was a reason for our date night, though. My god-father was celebrating his birthday and had asked us to join him at Hooters. I'm pretty sure the choice of venue had more to do with the skimpy..er..uniforms worn by the waitresses than the chicken wings, but who really cares? As long as the drinks and food were good, so was I!

It was really nice spending some time with the birthday boy and his family. I haven't seen his children in ages. They are so grown up! I guess that happens, especially after you attend their high school open houses. His daughter is married, but has no desire to have children in the near future. His son is still living at home and works right down the road from our house. The only child I didn't get to see was his 12-year-old daughter - her *mom didn't think the location was appropriate for an impressionable pre-teen.

Oh, and while I was there I ran into my best friend who was celebrating the upcoming marriage of her brother and future sister-in-law. Apparently the bride-to-be (a sweet, sweet girl) loves Hooters. I wouldn't have known this if Terri hadn't walked out of the bathroom as I was walking in. Imagine our surprise. After we each asked "What are you doing here?", I had to go say hi to the bachelorette.

After the birthday party died down, Ken and I decided to go shopping together. JC Penny was having some killer sales. 70% off clearance sales. I got five shirts, one pair of shorts, and the hubby got three shirts and a pair of shorts for under $90. It was like hitting the lotto!

Then we went to Barnes and Noble because they have Starbucks. The hubby isn't a reader but a frozen coffee frappicino got him through the doors. I browsed for a bit but didn't buy anything. (I know! I about went into shock myself!)

It was so nice just spending some time alone together. We don't do it often enough.

*The three kids actually were from his first marriage. However, their mom died of cancer when the youngest was about four- or five-years-old.