I Think I'm Embarrassed

A couple years ago my husband and I worked very hard to put in a number of flowerbeds around our house. We hauled rock. We hauled dirt. Eventually the little gardens came together and I could begin planting. I started with hostas. Added some irises and mums. Rose bushes. Lilies. Glads.

You would never know it. The flower beds are barren this year. I'd like to blame it on the summer drought, but the truth is I haven't paid very much attention to my gardens. The only things that seems to have survived are the two rose bushes..and they're not doing well.

Close up the roses look okay. But let's take a more distant look, shall we?

Don't they look horrid? The only thing growing (other than the two rose bushes) are weeds. The pretty purple flowers that covered the beds in early spring have dried up and turned to straw. You can faintly see them as the brown crispies among the vividly green weeds.

I think I'm going to avoid this next year by investing in a soaker hose and a whole bunch of perennial bulbs. That way the only thing I'll have to remember to do is turn on the hose for an hour or so. Then I'll just have to weed them once in a while.

I definitely can't have another year of pathetic flower beds. It's horribly embarrassing. (Notice, though, how I don't mind sharing my embarrassement with you, dear reader.)