Haircut, Tutoring, and Some New Words

Last week I got my hair cut. I wasn't thrilled when I left the salon, but I thought things might turn out okay once I'd washed and styled it myself. For a week I tried to convince my hair to do SOMETHING. I try not to be too uptight about my hair, but some bad haircuts are just beyond my coping skills. This happened to be one of those cuts.

So tonight while the little man met with the tutor, I went back to the salon. The girl who ended up fixing my hair (she cut off 2 inches!) wouldn't even take a tip. She felt that bad. Of course I would have insisted on tipping if I had had any cash on me. (Who in the hell goes to get their hair cut without cash to tip their stylist? Apparently, I do because I am a dumb ass.)

The short story here is that I got my hair cut off. It's short, but not too short. It's much better. Really. Maybe when I'm feeling a little more energetic I'll post a picture of the new do.

Of course, it didn't take the entire hour and a half to get my hair cut. I had plenty of time to hang out at the library while the boy gave his tutor a hard time. I sat at a nearby table and had a clear view of his antics. Let's just say tonight was one of those nights when a staple gun and some duct tape would have come in handy. While his ADHD usually isn't all that noticeable, it was as evident as a neon sign in the dark tonight.

Though I wonder if it was the ADHD. The little one was exceptionally annoying tonight, too. They were both full of piss and vinegar. Loud and excitable.

I put them to bed early. It was my only defense!

But let's go back to the library for second. While my eldest tortured his tutor and the youngest played on a nearby computer, I wrote. Granted, I didn't make a lot of progress. But I wrote!'s the latest count: 50,752 words total.

I am officially beyond the halfway point. Go, me!