Diagnosis Uncertain

Well, we went to the family doctor and had two more x-rays done. Apparently the ones taken at the Clinic weren't very helpful and our Doc needed a better view of the little guy's elbow. Even though the nurse was very gentle the manipulation hurt and he ended up crying again.

The doctor waited until the tears were done to come back into the room, something I'm certain he did on purpose. He doesn't like the kids associating him with any pain they may experience while in his office. He's told me before he doesn't want them afraid of him. His methods seem to work because my boys aren't afraid of him at all.

After reveiwing the new films, the doctor still wasn't able to identify the problem. He did have a couple of theories, though. It could be either "pulled elbow" or a bad sprain, both of which use the same treatment. Since he didn't see any breaks, dislocations, or buckling, he put a soft cast on the boy and kept him in the sling.

P.S. Did you notice the missing teeth? The tooth fairy had to make a visit during all this drama last night.