The Hubby Made it Home

As the title of this post implies, my hubby made it safely home from Boulder, Colorado. His plane came in on Friday. I got out of work, ran to the airport, and sat reading my book while I waited for his plane arrive. I really didn't have to wait too terribly long. The funniest thing was that he noticed other familiar faces and walked right by me. I had to holler a couple of times to get his attention.

The couple he recognized are the parents of one of his college friends. They were waiting to pick up their daughter who had just gotten home from Iraq. The hubby had been on the same plane and hadn't even recognized her...she looks a lot different in her soldier's uniform and buzzed haircut.

I hadn't noticed them standing across the way because I was, of course, reading. I sat facing the terminal exit and had my back to them most of the time. Oops.

After saying farewell to the soldier and her family, we made our way to baggage pick-up. It didn't take long to find his bag and make our way out to the temporary parking lot. Twenty minutes later we surprised the boys and their grandparents.

It was a nice little reunion. The hubby was definitely missed.