Home Again

If you haven't guessed..I was on vacation last week. My husband gets a tad bit upset when I announce to the world that we're leaving the house unattended for extended lengths of time. Can't imagine why! So, I left you in a lurch and I apologize.

But look at what I did while I was on vacation! That's a bear cub, people! A playful, inquisitive, bear cub who had a slight fascination with my hair.

In addition to visiting a bear ranch, the family (and by that I mean my extended family) also walked along a small section of Pictured Rocks, went on a Shipwreck boat tour on a glass-bottomed boat, went to a children's museum, trudged down many a trail to find a pretty little waterfall. At night we'd sit around a campfire and talk. There were many late nights, but I'm not complaining.

We even decided to spend an extra day in the area. Luckily the campground could squeeze us in. It was a close thing according to the hubby.

Our last day was spent with my cousin and her family. Everyone else in our group packed up early that morning and headed home. Not that I blame them. They had two very young children with them and they had been packed into a small camper and a tent for five days. I would have wanted to go home, too.

We spent our last day on the shipwreck tour and lounging around the campground. We took the kids swimming and ate dinner at a decent time for once. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

The trip was made all the sweeter by the knowledge that Alison Kent had drawn my name in her first drawing for the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge! Thank you, Alison! I hope you received my e-mail. I was in a hurry to get out the door that morning and had barely had time to post my numbers.