Happy Belated Independence Day!

My nephew in the parade

Now, this may come as a surprise (only if you haven't been paying attention!), but the family and I went camping over the 4th of July weekend. We pulled out of our driveway around noon on Wednesday for a brief road trip. The kids had just enough time between destinations to watch Bridge to Teribithia on the portable DVD players.

The long weekend (5 whole days) went by much too fast. I have to say, though, that so far this has been my favorite camping excursion of the season. I read. I wrote. I drank. I swam. I played "hillbilly horseshoes". I drank. I ate watermelon. I played horseshoes. I swam. I drank. I read some more. Wrote some more. And drank some more. Not to worry, though, not all of my beverages contained alcohol. After all, I had to be mom during all of the daylight hours.

By the end of our mini-vacation the group had already decided to come back to same campground next year and had made reservations. We asked for eight sites, but I'm hoping I can talk my family into joining the fun, which would bring us up to possibly 13 sites total for our group. I'm not holding my breath, though. My family has been voted the "least likely to commit". We'll call them spontaneous and leave it at that.

All I know is..next year our little family of four will be there!