Three books, the beach, and time with the kids.

That pretty much sums up my vacation last week. I took the boys RVing at nearby campground, one close enough to home that the hubby could still camp and go to work each day. He'd get up and shower, shave, and make his coffee at the crack of dawn and we'd blissfully sleep through it all. The kids let me sleep in almost every morning. It was lovely.

The days were spent mostly at the beach. While the boys splashed along the shoreline of the private lake, I sat in my beach chair with a book in hand. Despite the constant monitoring, I managed to read one book in that chair. House of Bones, I believe was the title. Horror. Predictable but still enjoyable as I don't often read this particular genre. At least, not any more. It used to be a regular staple in my literary diet, but I've been sampling more and more of the SF/F buffet table lately.

Of course, we didn't spend the entire week at the beach. I took my oldest boy to the tutor Monday night - he didn't do so well because his focus had remained at the campground. Since the rest of the week looked pretty busy, I cancelled Wednesday's session so we could both take a break.

The campground also has a great little put-put course right in the center of it. For $1 each we were able to hit 18 holes. The first time it was just me and the boys. I even kept score; I'd say we were pretty evenly matched. The next time we went put-putting we had company. No sense keeping score when there are 9 of us to keep track of, but my mom tried anyhow. Crazy woman.

Then we went swimming again. Well, the kids went swimming. My mom and I just sat there watching them.

Of course, we didn't spend our entire vacation at the campground. In addition to our little sojourn to the library for Monday Night Tutoring, we had baseball and t-ball games on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday I had to go out to my dad's to help pack up his house. (He moved "Up North" on Saturday with the help of his kids..minus one of my sisters. How did she get out of that?!?!) Friday we packed up and went home, leaving ourselves just enough time to take care of the camper and mow the lawn before going to an Open House for an ex-relative.

I did get to stay home Sunday! I read my third book from the comfort of my own living room. (Yes, somehow I managed to squeeze another book in between the first and the was a fantasy novel called The Decoy Princess). The third book was written by one of my professors here at the U. It's fiction based on fact. The story is about a young woman in the Peace Corps who must come to terms with the murder of a fellow Peace Corps volunteer. It's really not a murder mystery, more of a coming of age type of story. I quite enjoyed it. The title it Night Blind and you can find out more about it on Jan's website, if you wish.

All in all, I'd say I had a very nice little vacation. It went by too quickly, but what vacation doesn't?