There's a picture of my little guy next to my strawberry patch. We're both very excited that the patch is doing so great. He makes a point of checking for newly ripe berries every night after we get home from the daily grind. A few days ago we had a few berries that were on the verge of being ready to eat. They looked something like this:

Two days later I have a plentiful handful of berries. Of course, as you can see, a few of those have been lost to the bunny rabbits. (I can hear Elmer Fudd singing Kill da rabbit, kill da rabbit..) The three berries to the left there have been gouged by little rabbit teeth. The ones on the right miraculously survived the little furry fluff balls.

If you've never grown your own strawberries or gone strawberry picking at a farm, you've never really tasted a strawberry. You can almost taste the sunshine and sweet, spring rain when you bite into one of these little darlings.