Sex Scene: Attempt #2

I really thought I was done with that particular scene. So, into the library I went with my laptop in tow, ready to move forward with the story. However, when I opened the WIP, I realized my characters weren't quite through with each other yet. The first half of the scene was told just from my heroine's POV: her senses, her emotions, her desires. After re-reading what I had written the time before, I realized it was just as important to incorporate the hero's POV into their first intimate exchange. This is life-changing for both of them, and the reader needs to truly see that.

This means if I don't want to waste the opportunity to actually get some more words onto the page, I need to begin mid-way through the scene from his perspective. It was uncomfortable. Although I doubt anyone really noticed what I was working on (there weren't nearly as many people there this time), I still felt a bit self-conscious.

But I got some more words. Not many, mind you. But more.

I did end up shutting down early, though, to look through two scrapbooking magazines while I waited for the little man to finish. He was having a rough (aka restless) night. I don't know how Danielle, his tutor, doesn't strangle him. He was up at least three times that I remember. First it was a drink, then a bathroom break, and then another bathroom break. Of course, he said he had diarrhea, but who knows. Sometimes I think the bathroom is just a convenient excuse.