Sex at the Library

Ha! Bet that got your attention! But, it's not what you think. The hubby and I didn't shock all the patrons by stripping down and getting busy on the nearest table. I'm talking about the story I was working on during my weekly visit to the library.

I believe I've mentioned before that I actually enjoy my nine-year-old's tutoring sessions at the library. During these hour and a half sessions I not only get to browse a huge collection of books, I also find the time to write. I probably make more progress on this one night a week than I do all the other days combined. Uninterrupted writing time. Pure bliss.


Last night's time at the library wasn't quite so fruitful. I had been working my way slowly but steadily toward the book's first sex scene - remember, this is romance and sex tends to happen between healthy adults if the hormones and timing are right. Now I'm not writing erotica (this time), just straight-forward, romance-genre sex. So the language is to the point without being too blunt.

So, I get to the library and pull out my laptop. I open the WIP. And I become aware of all the little kiddies around me. My six-year-old is at a nearby computer station (I want to be able to keep an eye on him and any potential pedofile that may notice him. Because, let's face it, there are some sick son-of-a-bitches in this world. And just because you're at a library, it doesn't mean some magical force field is set around the building to repel the worst of humanity.) There are also several children waiting their turn to get on one of the two stations and they're moving restlessly about. Of course, their parents aren't too far away either, no doubt for the same reason I keep within close range.

And I'm writing a sex scene.

I made it through three paragraphs before a sense of self-consciousness forced me to shut everything down and put the laptop back into its case. I guess some writing is better done in the privacy of your own home.