Home from the Campground

One of my favorite things to do while camping is to read. Just sitting in a comfy chair with plenty of leisure time, a paperback in hand, and something cold to drink within reach make for a perfect combo. Okay, so maybe some chocolate would really make for perfection.

This weekend my reading plans were continually derailed, though. I may have managed to read about a hundred pages at the campground, which is not impressive by any means. It seemed every time I thought I had a few minutes to be blissfully indulgent of my litle reading obsession, I was mistaken. Today - the day we came home, mind you - I had about a half-hour of uninterupted time to myself. The hubby had taken the dog and the fishing boat home. The kids were on a boat ride with Uncle Troy and Aunt Ronnie.

Then the kids returned. And if you have children, you know they always need SOMETHING. Like every five minutes.

Still, I'm not complaining (much) because it was a great weekend. We went fishing and caught four walleye. We went to the beach and watched the kids splash around. We played games and sat around the campfire. My nephew celebrated his birthday, so we even had cake and ice cream!

So, while I may whine a bit about my slow reading progress, I really wouldn't have it any other way. Someday I won't have kids bugging me for every little thing. They'll be grown up and gone, and I'll be sitting under my awning, reading a book, and wishing these childhood years wouldn't have passed so quickly.