10 Year Anniversary

While I was on vacation last week I missed the dinner party celebrating my 10th year at the University. Ten. Years.


There are days when it feels much longer. A lifetime really.

Then there are days when it seems impossible. How could ten years have slipped by without my noticing? Of course, this little delusion is quickly dispelled by the sight of my 9-year-old son, the child I became pregnant with shortly after landing my full-time, permanent position in the Communication Department. When he was born I had to take the 6-week maternity leave without pay because I hadn't put in enough time to qualify for a paid leave.

Now look at me. Accruing vacation days. Using up sick time at alarming rates at the beginning of every flu season that hits the elementary school. Putting in my 40 hours and then some with the on-call hours I take each week.

I get two rewards for my many years of service. The mother campus should be sending out a catalog for me to shop through, and my campus has given me several lovely options to choose from as well. I'm leaning toward the vacuum cleaner because I could use it in the camper. But the jewelry is lovely, too. Decisions, decisions.

Ten years.