0 for 2

I'm on a roll. In the last 24 hours I have done two completely hare-brained things. First, yesterday morning before I left for work I was putting the finishing touches on a cup of chai and had to rinse my spoon. Once my travel mug was ready to go, I turned off the kitchen lights and closed the door behind me. Notice what I didn't shut off? That's right. The water. The tap water ran for 10 hours yesterday while the family was at work and school.

So...0 for 1.

Last night the kids had frozen meals for dinner. (Yes, we do believe in nutritious food but sometimes frozen food is a must.) I pulled said dinners from the oven, served the little people their food, and went on with my evening. Notice what I forgot to do here? You guessed it! I left the oven on all night long!

So...0 for 2.

Needless to say, hubby is not happy with me. There might have been a comment or two about the cost of electricity.