WIP Progressing

I've been feeling rather motivated lately when it comes to my writing. I've actually been working on it a little each day. Of course when I say "a little", I really mean a little.

Our nights are tied up with tutoring, baseball, soccer, and t-ball right now. Every night this week = running the roads. Oh, and running the roads = lots of gas, which = no money!

Of course, we all know those record-breaking oil profits are a TOTAL coincidence! (wink, wink)

But I digress. As usual.

I was going to post about my progress on the WIP. I've been reading the (incomplete) rough draft for continuity and unnecessary repetitive info. So far, so good. Of course, I've discovered some ghastly word choices and thunky scenes. What I find truly amazing is how easily some of those cleaned right up. A few words here, a half-dozen deletions there, and things just worked. If only all the corrections needed went half so well!

I started re-reading because I felt as if the story had lost its "umph". It felt drawn out and conflict-lite. This feeling usually has me doing something insane like killing off a character or two just to keep things interesting. But...killing someone off wasn't in the plans just yet! So, needing reassurance, I decided to do a complete re-read of the story.

I know. This is against all the writerly wisdom out there. Don't read until the draft is done, that's the mantra. If only I could work that way. I'd probably be a lot quicker turning out the stories!

I have two more chapters to read and then I'll be back to where I left off. I'm hoping I'll be able to do this over the weekend as I'm taking the laptop camping and it's supposed to rain. (What would Memorial Day Weekend be without some rain clouds hovering over the campground? An anomaly, that's what!) Of course, I'd be delighted to have nothing but sunshine and forgo writing.

Probably another reason I'm not moving any closer to the ole publication goal. I lack discipline. Maybe that'll change after the kids are grown and I'm able to retire? I don't know, but I totally plan on writing every day then.