Monday Update

Another weekend come and gone. I hardly remember Friday night. I know I went shopping for my nephew's birthday the next day. Of course, that was after I picked up the munchkins from daycare. The hubby...was..helping Phil with his truck. Okay, so it's starting to come back to me now.

Geesh. It was only a few days ago!

Saturday I had - as you might have guessed - a birthday party to attend. We arrived almost on time, which is a miracle and totally worthy of mentioning. After we did the birthday thing, I brought the kids home for some dinner. I thought we'd wait for the hubby to show up at home, too, but he decided to meet us back at the site of the birthday party instead. So, back to my brother's house we went for a few hours next to the bonfire (my sister-in-law's birthday was Sunday, so the bonfire was an early birthday celebration for her sans gifts. Cheap, aren't we?)

That brings us to Sunday. I have to admit I was laaazzy. Other than laundry, I did nothing productive. Well, not as far as housework or flower beds go. However, I did manage to read 1.5 books. I spent a few hours in the bathtub with the first one, which was already half read by the time I got in the tub, and then a lot of time curled up in the recliner with the second one. Finished them both. And it felt great. I can't tell you when I last read a book.

Oh, shush. I was more than a week ago. I know it was.

My weekend closer was watching America's Next Top Model. Then it was lights out.

Today...just the EDJ, to borrow from Joely. Oh, and making sure the little man got off to the tutor.

Speaking of which, I really love my time at the library while he's working with her. I managed to do some work on the WIP! Laptops rule!