The End of a Season

Well, the boys had their last soccer game tonight. This is a huge relief. While I love watching them play, it becomes a bit hectic when two different sports overlap. Finishing up soccer means I only have to worry about baseball/t-ball now.

My oldest boy had a great time at his last game of the spring season. The coaches agreed to play "just for fun". Each coach played goalie and every kid played at all times. There were two balls on the field, too, which made it even more interesting. As you can imagine, they had a blast!

My little fella's team lost for the first time this season. While this might sound sad, it was actually quite funny. Let me give you the setup:

My nephew is on my son's team, so on the sideline you have me and my sister hooting and hollering for our little people.

On the field was my sister's significant other and his son, who happened to be on the other team. Now, my sister's man has been scoping out our team for weeks, worrying about our little tagteam. Not to brag, but my kid is fast!

The real competition wasn't so much on the field between the little people, but between my sister and her man. Apparently there was some kind of bet between them. I didn't get any details, which is probably a GOOD thing. But my sister did tell me not to talk to the enemy and mentioned she wouldn't be answering her phone tonight. Please keep in mind this was all done with good humor and lots of teasing.

After his son scored several goals on our little men, my sister's man retracted his protest. My sister ignored him. I could only laugh.

Eventually we got our kidlets home, where I decided to take some pictures of my boys in their medals. I'll post them later when I'm feeling more enthusiastic.