Dancing Debut

My four-year-old niece had her dancing debut tonight. And let me just say she was beyond precious! She was a duck with little yellow feathers ruffled around her behind and gracing the little orange-billed cap on her head. So cute!

(Yes, you're going to need to forgive some gushing.)

When my sister called to confirm that I still wanted my ticket--as if I'd suddenly change my mind!--she warned me that our princess had suffered an acute attack of stage fright at dress rehearsal last night. This meant there was a very real possiblity that she wouldn't perform tonight. My sister was just hoping she wouldn't stand up there crying again.

Now, I would have watched her sob in her little ballet shoes if that's what would have happened, but it wasn't! Princess danced. And sang. She wiggled her little yellow feathers and looked so darn adorable it brought tears to my eyes.

(Of course I cried. My one and only niece in her dancing debut, overcoming her fears to perform...you would have cried a little bit, too. Unless you're my hubby. He wouldn't have cried, but he's not prone to sappiness.)

The only downside to the whole night was the "No pictures" rule. The only snapshots I got of my girl were at the house just before we left. They're not the best. Certainly not professional.