The Beginning of Baseball

If I haven't mentioned it before, the hubby is coaching the our oldest son's baseball team again this year. He got the roster last week and set up practices for this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each night the kids are supposed to practice for one and a half hours. He wasn't this aggressive last year in practice, but last year the kids weren't pitching to each other, able to steal bases, or any of that other "real baseball" jazz.

I probably shouldn't say anything, but this is my blog and I'll say it if I want! When the hubby got the roster last week he wasn't real happy. Although the teams are supposed to be randomly selected, it's very clear there's very little randomness involved in roster selection. The teams are stacked. In this age bracket we have two teams in our little town. 95% of the best players end up on the same team; the remaining 5% end up on the hubby's roster.

Yet, the Athletic Association representatives will tell you it's totally coincidental that we got the exact same roster as last year. Well, almost the exact same roster. The hubby did get two new kids (due to age restrictions). But the other 10 or 11 were on the hubby's team last year.

Coincidental, my ass. If they wanted random selection, they'd let the coaches be there when the name's are "drawn" to ensure it's done fairly and without prejudice. Regardless of they tell us, it's evident there's someone controlling the outcome of these rosters. I'd blame it on the parents but then that would make liars out of the athletic organization representatives who tell the parents they can't request coaches or teammates, unless the child in question has a relative on the team or their parent is coaching.

But I'm ranting. Not my intention. Well, maybe it was a little bit...

What I really wanted to tell you was how darn cold it was last night at practice. That wind definitely delivered a chill. Of course, my six-year-old insisted he was "hot" and refused to wear a jacket. I guess when you're running around the playground equipment you work up a sweat. Whereas sitting on your rump talking to the other parents doesn't heat up the blood all that much.

I guess it could be worse, though. It could be the end of football season and snow could be falling.