Weekend Accomplishments

I've added over 3000 words to my vampire-romance. I've also been playing around with a new title because the working title SUCKS. I'm toying with Saving Angels or Broken Angels or Love's Demon. I dunno. What do you think?

I completed a two-page spread. I think it turned out really cute. There are hardly any embellishments on it. It's a very simple design but it's also very eye-catching. I used a variety of colors in this one instead of sticking with my usual monochromatic schemes. I'd post a scan of it but I'm too lazy to scan it in and patch it together right now.

I've read two chapters this weekend. The book is interesting but difficult to read. It's a lot of facts thrown together without any narrative to make it go down easily. Reading it has reminded me I'm not all that fond of academic papers. They're much too dry for my taste.

The really scary thing about this book, though, is that I'm supposed to be able to figure out what the author's main arguement is and how he's supported that arguement in each chapter of the book. Not as easy as it sounds. The author seems to disprove his argument more often than he proves it, which makes me think I'm completely missing the boat here. Luckily, we have a couple of weeks before I need to write the paper. More than enough time to finish the book and talk to the professor before it's crunch time.

I've done a lot of yelling this weekend. The kids probably think mom has lost her mind, or at the very least her patience. The hubby once again saved me from turning into psycho-mom. He took the boys grocery shopping so I could finish my homework. When they returned I was done and ready to deal with the never-ending "mom" requests.

Hubby's watching The Godfather series and told me he'd do the dishes. Am I the luckiest woman alive or what?