Monday Confessions

Blame this on Joely.

I think I spent a whopping two hours on the vampire romance last week. At this rate, I'll be fifty before I finish the first draft. I need to stop tuning into the television and focus on the fiction.

Maybe I should stop reading, too.

Um. NO!! I'm going to insist reading is just as important as the writing that isn't being done. Sure, it's entertainment and something I enjoy. Immensely. Maybe even more than chocolate. But it is also market research and useful in analyzing craft. Important stuff, that. I honestly believe the more I read the more insight I have into how construct a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter...

What other confession do I have?

I didn't read my History textbook. Saving Chapter One for lunch.

Of course, I believe I have perfectly legitimate reasons for not writing or reading my textbook this weekend. Yesterday my oldest boy turned 9! (Happy Birthday, Little Man!) We had a sledding party for his birthday. That was interesting. We had a bonfire, roasted hot dogs, ate birthday cupcakes, and watched him unwrap gifts in the snow. That was Saturday, after I spent the morning baking and my hubby ran our boys to their basketball games.

Sunday we went into town to watch our nephews and our best friends' son wrestle. My nephews, who have won 3rd and 2nd place in the past, were eliminated pretty quickly. The youngest took it hard--he was crying enough to break your heart. Our friends' little guy took 2nd place! Way to go, Z!!

When we weren't running the roads, I was doing dishes or laundry. Not that you can tell. When I left the house this morning the sink was full and the basement floor was littered with dirty clothes. Seriously..I think we may have more than our fair share of clothing.

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up my weekend.