The First Turning Point

I've been working on my SIL's vampire romance story for a few months now. Some weeks have been better than others, but somehow I've managed to pull together 30K words. I'd like to say those words have been easy. It'd be a lie, though, so I won't. Along with the usual whine about not having enough time, there has been an apparent lack of enthusiasm for the project. Oh, it's not agony writing it. But it's not my preferred genre and it shows.

However, I think I've finally reached the turning point. I realized yesterday I've been more diligent about carving out writing time. I'm using my lunch hours. And I've thought about breaking the laptop out more than once while I'm at home; the only reason I haven't is because I've been too busy getting ready to go on my trip. Alright, you say, that's cool, but what's it got to do with a turning point?

That's when I know I'm becoming invested in a project. I no longer drag myself to the computer. I'm eager to work on the story, to poke and prod my characters.

If this mood persists, and let's hope it does, I know the next 30K will be written in half the time it took to write the first 30. It's just the way I work. The beginnings are always slow. The setup painfully exacting. Once I reach that first bend in the road where the setup is nearly complete, things start to move at a much quicker pace.

This is a good thing. I'd like to finish her story before this summer. I have other stories I've put on the back burner for this project and I'm anxious to get back to them.