A Dose of Humility

You know I'm a nerd, right? I assume that fact has been established without any doubt over the course of the last few years. Even worse, I'm a somewhat overachieving nerd. My first A- at the University left me fuming for week.

Well, today I got a reminder that I am not perfect. Now I know you may find this hard to believe, dear reader, but it's true. I am woefully imperfect. Flawed. And apparently a damn idiot.

The entire time I was working on that paper it felt wrong. Incomplete. Yet, I thought I understood what the instructor wanted. That'll teach me not to be the annoying student asking 101 questions in order to clarify the expectations. And it's the last time I'll ignore my instincts.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Even more aggrivating than the grade I received (11/15 points, which equates to a C), were the comments he wrote at the end of the paper. If I wouldn't have deleted 3 pages, I might have at least earned a solid B. But, no, I panicked at going over the page limit and totally botched the thing.

Ug. I'm off to self-flagellate.

I haven't had a C on a paper in over five years. Hell, I haven't had a B on a paper in over five years. Talk about humbling!