Brief Update

I don't have a lot of time today. I have class in fifteen minutes, a half-eaten lunch in front of me, and an insistant bladder demanding I take five minutes for a pit stop. TMI? Sorry...but it is what is.

I'm getting all psyched up for me weekend away. Just two more days of work and then I'm off! Can't wait. We're supposed to be leaving early Friday morning. My cousin has a presentation she has to give in West Branch (a town far north of here), so we're pausing there for an hour or two. While she gives her little speech the rest of us are going to check out the outlet stores. Promise to self: I will not buy anything.

I expect I'll get at least 20 scrapbook pages completed over the weekend. Maybe more. I'm pretty well organized and I've been forcing myself to sit down and do the journalling ahead of time. Joke at own expense: The pages should fall into place without too much effort.

Okay. Gotta run. More later maybe.