Three Stories Pending Acceptance

Today's lunch break brings you the very uninteresting announcement that I managed to turn in three short stories to the University's annual Critical and Creative Writing Conference for consideration. Two of them were written in my last class--Advanced Creative Writing. The other is far older and far less likely to make it past the first round of reading. I figure the judges won't be very receptive to genre pieces.

The Bargain, my one rebelliously submitted genre peice, is told from an elf's point-of-view. If that's not bad enough, she's talking to a dragon through most of the story.

Yeah, they're never going to go for that one! LOL

So why did I submit it? Well, it's probably as well written, perhaps even more so, than the other two. More than that, though, I find the story more compelling than either of the other contemporary pieces I submitted.

I imagine one of the other stories might have a chance, though. They seemed to do pretty well when I had to present them in workshop, especially the second one.