First, Blogger hates me. It's acting flaky, which means I'll be lucky if this post makes past the draft stage.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I can babble on about the actual subject of this little update. I wish I were giving you a list of great reading referrals, but that must wait for another day. I'm actually dropping in to let you, my few loyal readers, know what's up with the kiddo.

We're in the process of getting a referral. The first one stunk (should that be stank?). The doctor's office set up an appointment with a therapist..not a psychologist like we were told. The hubby promptly canceled that appointment. Sorry to be a pain, dear scheduler, but we're not settling for second best here. Not when it comes to the kidlet.

I ended up doing a little digging on my own and found the place we want him tested. I figured they would take our insurance because, hello!, we work for them! An evaluation by a highly qualified doctor at one of the most reputable health systems in the States makes me feel much more confident than a 45 minute interview with a therapist I'm not even certain is qualified to diagnosis ADD or ADHD. I know he surely wasn't qualified to diagnosis a learning disability; his staff admitted as much when we called to ask some questions.

So..after verifying insurance won't be an issue and a referral should be a snap, we're waiting on the family doctor to send down the paperwork necessary to get this process underway. No idea yet on how long before they'll be able to schedule the testing, but I do know they do half-day and full-day testing based on what we and our family doctor want checked. This means the hubby and I will need to take a day off work (even a half-day of testing will take all day because of how far we'll need to travel) and the kidlet will have to be pulled out of school.

I must admit I feel somewhat relieved to know he's going to get an honest evaluation. Hopefully we'll discover whatever the problem is and adjustments can be made to help him succeed in the world of academia. That's all we really want.