Seriously...I have nothing of interest to share. No big writing news. No update on the kidlet. No family drama to report (I believe most of that has passed and less painfully than I had imagined).

All in all things are pretty mundane.

Call me boring. I really don't mind. Boring means peaceful and I like peaceful. The most stressful thing I have to deal with right now is taking the kidlet back and forth to the tutor, getting up for Saturday basketball practices, and doing my homework. Oh, and housework. Can't forget that..although, honestly the hubby has been his usual stellar self and helping out tremendously.

Wait. I lie. There is something kind of big going on in the family.

My nephew is scheduled for surgery next Monday. He's about six months old and has an abscessed cyst in a rather delicate area. They've been treating it with antibiotics and such but nothing really seems to be helping. If I understand my sister correctly they were trying to avoid surgery but it's looking like removal is the best option. Poor little guy. I can only imagine how nervous my sister and brother-in-law must be feeling right about now. I was anxious enough when it was my five-year-old having out-patient surgery. I can't imagine going through all that if he had been younger. Prayers and well wishes are welcome.

Okay, I'm off to do some journaling for a scrapbook layout I'm going to piece together a little later (as in February).