Goodbye, Christmas Tree

Well, the house is back to normal. The tree is outside and ready for the brush pile. The decorations have been taken down and stowed in the attic. My house looks much bigger with all that clutter gone. Although, I will miss the pretty lights at night just a wee little bit.

Things with the Christmas night situation have morphed into something bigger. Still no details I'm willing to share. Despite having my feelings hurt and my heart broken, I have no desire to hurt the other people involved. I'd really like nothing more than for an apology and life to go on as usual. But that's probably not going to happen.

On a happier note, we've made New Year's Eve plans. It looks like we're going out to dinner and hanging out at my cousin's house afterward. Nothing fancy but it should be enjoyable. We'll be spending the night with the same three couples we went to Las Vegas with a couple years ago.

During our little in-between-the-holidays vacation we've spent a lot of time just chilling out and relaxing. I've played more playstation games this week than I have all year. I've also read a couple of books, worked on my SIL's story, worked on my FIL's DVD, and spent an afternoon at the movie theater with my family. If you want a good family-friendly movie, I recommend Night at the Museum. My boys really liked it. Heck, so did the hubby and I.

More later.