I know I need to write every night right now. That Christmas gift project is always in the back of my mind. Each day it grows bigger and my confidence in completing the rough draft grows smaller. I'm not overwhelmed yet, but it won't be long if I don't get busy and stay that way!

Yet, I'd rather be scrapbooking. The photos call to me, luring me away from my computers to dabble in the basement with paper and embellishments. Not to mention all the very cool supplies I've accumulated over the last eight years. The creative potential is endless.

Still. I know I need to write. So right now I'm dancing with temptation. I'm trying to satisfy the scrapbooker and writer inside me.

Tonight I started out scrapping but guilt drove me from my scrappin' space to the laptap and the story I've promised to my sister-in-law. While this sounds good, I really didn't make any progress. I don't even think I added a sentence. But at least I had it open, right? That's a start.

Maybe a countdown would help. We celebrate Christmas with Ken's family on New Years Day, which gives me 40 days to finish the rough draft. As of right now I have roughly 8000 words (we'll pretend those are all keepers). If my overall goal is 125,000 I need to write 117,000 words betweeen now and then. Divided by the number of days left that equals a little under 3000 words a day.

Hmm. I can do that. I know I can because I've done it before. Doesn't mean it'll be easy, especially when you consider the holiday madness that is so quickly approaching.

And on that note..I'd better get busy! Night all!