Date Night

Friday night we had a sitter stay at the house so the hubby and I could go out to eat and watch a movie. Dinner was pretty good. My steak would have been better if the first five bites wouldn't have been full of gristle and fat. The only saving grace really was the cheese and slices of portabella mushrooms smothered across the top of it. Ken's dinner was much better. Very tender and very flavorful.

After dinner we drove over the movie theatre to see what movies were playing and at what time. There were two we were interested in. I was more inclined to see a comedy, yet I was willing to let him pick out the movie. He insisted I pick it out. So I did. I thought the new Will Farrell movie would be funny so we bought the tickets for the 10:00 o'clock show.

Left with lots of time to spare (almost two hours) we decided to go shopping. Or at least window browsing. We drove up the road to the mall and walked around Dunham's until it closed at 9:00.

One hour until showtime.

Since we needed laundry softener we opted to go to Meijer's. We got the softener and some bulk candy. Maybe I shouldn't admit this but we snuck that bulk candy into the theatre; I'd feel guilty if we hadn't spent $17 on tickets and then another $10 on drinks. Could they make going to the movies any more expensive? It's insane!

If you had asked at this point how our night was going I would have given it two thumbs up. We'd had a great dinner, spent some time together just talking, and I'd found sea foam (chocolate covered buttery concoction) in the bulk candy section.

By the time the movie was over and I'd heard how terrible it was for at least the twentieth time, I'd have to give the night a firm C-. Nothing can ruin a nice evening like a rotten movie. Especially for my hubby. It's bad enough spending that kind of money on a good movie, but to spend it on a show you'd rather poke your eyes out than watch...well, that's unforgiveable.

So, a word to the wise...if you're expecting a comedy in Stranger Than Fiction, you've been misled by the previews. This movie is not a comedy. I think I chuckled--not even a full-fledged laugh--twice during the show. Twice.

Horrid movie. Damn thing ruined the whole night.