Tigers vs. Mariners

On Labor Day my husband and I surprised our two boys with a trip to Comerica Park in Detroit. On the long roadtrip my oldest son guessed every sport except baseball, which kept us from having to ruin the surprise before we pulled into the parking lot across from the park entrance. When we finally told them we were going to watch the Tigers play baseball they were all smiles. The smiles even lasted through the half-hour wait outside the gates.

When we finally got through the gates and into the park the boys each received a free t-shirt. We then manuevered our way down the stands toward the field where the Tigers were having batting practice. Even though our seats were up in far left corner of the stadium there was no one to keep us from walking down the bleachers toward the field.

As we were making our way up toward the food court my youngest stops me and asks, "Mom, where are the tigers with the four legs and teeth? I thought they were playing baseball."

Oh, how I laughed. Only a five-year-old would take Mom and Dad so literally. I had to explain to him the team was named after the animal and that men would be playing, not real tigers. The idea must not have been completely obliterated by my explanation though because on the way home he said, "Mom, wouldn't it have been cool if real Tigers played. They could catch the ball with their teeth!"