Writers are often asked about their sources of inspiration. Of course, as writers are as different and unique as snowflakes, inspiration occurs in various ways and at various times. Some of us find we do our best thinking first thing in the morning. Others discover burning the midnight oil is the key to unlocking their muse. Some find the quiet of the road, the splatter of the shower, or the insane chaos of a mall can spark ideas.

I think, though, the truth is all writers find inspiration everywhere and in everything around them.

Take a recent experience I had a week or so ago. While brainstorming ideas I was listening to the radio. A song came on that I've heard a hundred times. Maybe more. As I was singing along (yes, you'd want to cover your ears), the song's story popped into my head. Not the lyrics, but a story. This one came complete with a character and conflict. As the song ended the story unfolded, revealing a never before glimpsed history. What I find truly amazing is that I discovered a story in a song I had heard often and knew well, a story I had not recognized until that day.