As Promised

I have pictures of our new camper to share with you. I took them this weekend while we were camping and after we got home. Of course, our maiden voyage wasn't smooth sailing. We discovered a major water leak in the bathroom; once Ken tightened down the clamps under the sink that little problem was resolved. Still, I'm sure you can imagine the panic I felt when my sister-in-law pointed out a rivlet of water traversing its way from the bathroom toward the entertainment center at the far end of the camper.

I'm not sure if you can get a good idea of just how much room there is inside this little darlin' but it's very spacious for a camper. I love the floor plan. There are bunk beds for the boys. A table and sofa that make into beds if necessary. The entertainment center holds two TVs--the one you can see in the picture and another in one of the cupboards overhead that opens into the "master bedroom". Our bedroom has wooden panels that slide out to allow privacy--not to mention they also block out the illumination from nightlight we leave on for the boys.