I'm Losing My Mind

It's official. We all knew it was coming, and now it's here. I've lost my freakin' mind.

My memory has always been questionable. I can remember the most bizarre details and facts, but not what I had for dinner yesterday. I'd like to say this has always been true but I honestly can't remember. Maybe once upon a time I remembered not only the bizzare and unwanted things but those things I deemed truly important.

In the last week I have forgotten three major events. Not things, people. Events! I missed two open houses last weekend. And, no, I didn't blow them off. I truly, honestly, sincerely FORGOT! Okay, so both of them were on the same day and it stands to reason if I was going to forget one of them, I would forget both. Now I might have been able to shrug this unfortunate "oops" off if the lastest instance of senility hadn't happened less than a week later.

My nephew, who is adorable beyond words and I just love to pieces, had a birthday party last night. I knew about the party in advance. I have no excuse for completely forgetting about his party. I got a phone call at 9:30 from my sister (not his mom). I am such an idiot! And a terrible aunt.

They even moved the vehicles around so my oldest boy and their oldest boy (another totally adorable nephew of mine) could play basketball or ride their bikes. So I didn't just disappoint the little 5-year-old birthday boy. Oh, no. I disappointed six nephews and one little niece.