American Idol

I'm done watching the show for this season.

I still can't believe Chris was voted off. He was by far my favorite and one of the most talented, IMO. Okay, and he wasn't bad looking either, but that's not why I thought he deserved to say. The boy can sing. And he has presence. And I love the whole rocker thing he had going on.

Despite being voted off, I expect to see Chris signed to a label. He's simply too good to disappear.

Grey's Anatomy

What a season finale! While I found it a tad bit unrealistic (okay, a majorly unrealistic--the hospital would have fired all of them for what happened), I still enjoyed the drama.

Poor Izzy. Although I totally expected her to leave the show, I still feel for her character. To finally find a man who loves you not for your big boobs and blonde hair (her words, not mine), only to lose him to a blood clot. That's bitter. Even if her quitting the medical field seemed an emotional response rather than a logical one, you can't feel anything but sympathy.

George and his lady. What the odd couple! I'm still not sure exactly how I feel about those two. She seems to overwhelm his character in so many ways. It was nice to see him take charge there near the end of the episode.

Alex. I go back and forth on his character. One week I hate him. The next I feel sorry for him. Then I'm back to hating him. Then I find myself admiring him. This week his tactful handling of the grief-striken Izzy really impressed me.

Burk & Christina. Another odd couple. I missed some of their interpersonal conflict last night thanks to the kids and the hubby. I thought they were breaking up...but perhaps not. It looks like she might have gotten her act together after Denny died. Perhaps witnessing Izzy's grief brought her own emotions closer to the surface.

Meredith, Derek, Addison & the Vet. Oh my. I really was not happy last night. Meredith is an idiot. Derek is a scumbag. Addison is such the victim. The only one I really feel sorry for in this tangled web is the vet. He seems like a decent human being. The other three all need psychiatric help. I was so disappointed by Meredith and Derek's sex scene. Maybe it's the prude in me, but I really hate cheaters and Derek is becoming quite adept at screwing around on his wife. I'm not liking him all the much any more. I'd respect him more if he had ended it with Addison and then went after Meredith.

What's your opinion? Are you at all distrubed by how the relationship between Meredith and Derek is progressing?


The series finale is next weekend. I'm so bummed! I really like this show. I just hope they end it well. I'll keep you posted.