Not sure what this means...

But I got the link to the test from Tambo and thought I'd give my blog a run through the thing.

Here's the results:

The following table contains the readability results for

Reading Level Results Summary Value
Total sentences 132
Total words 383
Average words per Sentence 2.90
Words with 1 Syllable 230
Words with 2 Syllables 79
Words with 3 Syllables 58
Words with 4 or more Syllables 16
Percentage of word with three or more syllables 19.32%
Average Syllables per Word 1.63
Gunning Fog Index 8.89
Flesch Reading Ease 65.61
Flesch-Kincaid Grade 4.83

Does this mean my blog is hard to read? That's not good! Reading ease at 65% doesn't seem like a good number. I'll need to read up some more on what these results mean and get back to you. :)