In my last post I mentioned how happy I was with the new beginning of an old story. I felt I had accomplished something worthwhile. Well, that feeling faded pretty quickly. There was a nagging sense of having botched a significant detail, one the reader needed to be made aware of within the first few paragraphs of the story. Since this feeling persisted, I asked a friend of mine to read what little bit I had. When she finished I had only question for her: Why is Seanna leaving? Her answer confirmed my suspicions.

I've since added and deleted some elements. Yet, overall the scene has stayed the same. The only difference between the original version and this one is a whole lot of exposition. Of course, this makes me nervous, too. I don't want to bog the reader the down with explanation. I believe there has to be a balance of exposition and action. In the past my inclination has been to provide more action than exposition. Perhaps this story will teach me how to weave the two methods into a coherent storyline.

Even though I have my concerns, I'm going to push forward. I have just a little over 900 words so far. I'm hoping to add another 500 to it before bedtime tonight.