Getting Back Up to Speed

Last weekend (or was it the weekend before?) my husband had to reformat the harddrive on my desktop machine at home. The darn thing kept locking on me. I couldn't have more than one program open at a time because multi-tasking seemed to throw the CPU into a hissy fit. If the program dealt with graphics or images, there was no guarantee it wouldn't lock up even if that's all that was running.

So he reformatted the beasty and things are much, much better.

The only downside is the time I have to spend reinstalling software and documents. I've been attempting to get things back to normal for a week or so now but I'm still far from satisfied. All the fonts I've downloaded need to be reinstalled, as well as my Daz software and a few other applications. While all my pictures have been backed up on numerous discs, I have to figure out what ones need to be put back on the harddrive for scrapbooking purposes. Then there's my music. I hate having to reload them from CDs (although I did grab the free downloads from iTunes today). Limited music selection is going to drive me batty.

Lots to do.

I hadn't been using the desktop machine for much because of the techinical instability. I feared I would have become too attached to my laptop to really use the desktop machine with any regularity. Surprisingly enough, I am using it. Although I suspect the laptop will still get more than its fair share of use. There's a lot to be said for portability.

I'm going to try to get a few more things installed before I settle down into more serious work like writing.

Writing. I've been doing little more than what's necessary for my class for the last week and a half or so. Hopefully that'll change tonight. I should be able to get something significant done before bedtime.

Wish me luck!