Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's a little late. I know. I just didn't feel like getting online much over the holiday break. Beyond strange but true none-the-less.

I had a very nice little break. Christmas was very hectic but also very nice. Christmas Eve eve (that would be two night before Christmas), we celebrated with my Dad, my brothers, their spouses and their kids. The boys were, as always, spoiled rotten. I can't even tell you what they got becuase it was a melee. Six little boys tearing open packages at the same time can be a bit confusing.

On Christmas Eve we did the traditional family gathering around the annual oyster stew. I don't know who started the tradition but it's still going strong. My husband loves the stuff. (I won't touch it and always make a back-up dish for those like myself). We had a pretty good turn out considering the timing.

Christmas itself was very nice. We don't do any running that day. We get up, open presents, and then enjoy the bounty and each other's company. I think it's important the kids have the time and opportunity to enjoy the toys and goodies Santa (and Mom and Dad) brought. Luckily, my hubby agrees. This year the boys not only had new Playstation games, lightsabers, and art supplies to play with. They also had a new air hockey table to enjoy. Of course, the arguing started almost immediately but what else would you expect of those two?

Santa was good to me, too. I already spent my Border's gift certificate. I bought a gift package of The War of the Souls (Wizards of the Coast). Three nice thick novels with dragons...well, there better be dragons considering the artwork and the titles. I also have a Michael's gift card I will use to buy some more scrapbooking supplies. Each of my boys picked out a pair of earrings for me and used Daddy's money to pay for them--I'll try to post pictures later tonight. Hubby also got me a gift cerfificate to Best Buy, where I hope to purchase a CD/MP3 player for my car.

Have I ever mentioned I'm just as spoiled as my children? lol

The only downer during this little vacation was the fact my DVD drive on my computer died. I tried watching a movie (hubby had one tv tied up with sports and the kids had the other one tied up with the playstation) only to discover the drive acted as if nothing had been inserted. Not even going to My Computer and browsing the drive showed anything. So, after some more testing, we discovered the thing was kapooey. I have a new one ordered and it should be delivered soon!

Speaking of DVDs....my son's teacher gave each child a DVD of their first school play. It's so cute! My son is quite the character. He forgot his lines and flirted with one of his co-stars (not in the script). I'm going to make a back-up of the DVD (if I can). It's just so darn precious!