Creative Writing Class

I got my first three poems back from my Creative Writing professor today. They're not nearly as bad as I thought. I believe she was being very kind and I'm grateful.

I'm trying to decide which of the three to read if I get the chance. I think I'll read the one about "Becoming Me" because it had the least amount of fixes. It's also relatively short and I should be able to survive the exposure.

So far I'm really enjoying this class. The most amazing thing I've discovered is I can write every day. Sad I didn't realize it sooner but at least this tells me I can do it, especially if I have incentive. I know it shouldn't take incentive but the proof is in the numbers I've been churning out (easily even!) over the last week and a half. I've written every day except for last Thursday. Of course, I haven't written my three hundred words yet today but I will.