Where to Start?

Maybe I'll just do a day-to-day summary since my last update. No fluff, just the facts.

1. Worked a full day and then picked up the munchkins from daycare.
2. Went home, ate dinner, put a pie in the oven for Thanksgiving dessert.
3. Oldest boy complains about a stomach ache and refuses to eat his ice cream.
4. Oldest boy pukes all over little brother's bed.
5. Dad takes bedding down to the basement to be cleaned while I tend to the boy.
6. Boy passes out, totally freaking mom out and taking at least ten years off her life. (Never been so scared in my life.)
7. Turn off oven even though pie doesn't appear to be thoroughly cooked.
8. Take boy to ER (checked in around 9:00 pm thanks to a 45 minute drive on slick, slushy roads)
9. Boy is monitored and diagnosed with vasovagal syncope (loss of blood pressure due to vomiting)
10. Boy is given red popsicle, given permission to go home, and promptly pukes in the middle of the hospital corridor.
11. Home by 11:00 and the kids in bed shortly thereafter. All vomiting has stopped.

Thursday (aka Thanksgiving)

1. Clean house.
2. Cook dinner.
3. Company arrives.
4. Realize turkey isn't cooking evenly on the rotisserie thanks to a cold, gusting wind.
5. Put said turkey into the oven to finish cooking, which pushes dinner back by about a half-hour.
6. Finish making dinner.
7. Eat.
8. Clean off the table and put in the first load of dishes.
9. Women scrapbook while the men watch, yes, you guessed it, football.
10. Help the other women pack up their supplies when it's time for them to go home.
11. Help load mother-in-law's truck because father-in-law's hips are still too fragile after surgery to have him lugging around the totes and cases scrapbooking supplies demand.
12. Say goodnight to guests.
13. Put boys and babysitter (nephew) to bed.
14. Clean up own scrapbooking mess.
15. Go to bed. Gratefully.


1. Up at 5:00 with hubby so we can go shopping!
2. Get half a mile down the road and realize I left shopping list and coupons at home.
3. Return home for said coupons and list.
4. Resume early morning adventure with hubby (who didn't even yell!)
5. Target first. Last one of the item we wanted most was snatched seconds before we could reach it. Didn't stop me from spending nearly $170.
6. Walmart next. Spent another $160.
7. Hungry. Time for breakfast. Decide to go to the other side of town and sit for 45 minutes after placing order.
8. Eat breakfast, wishing I had known I could have ordered lunch.
9. Spend lots of quality time with hubby. Very enjoyable.
10. Pay bill. Leave a little tip. (45 minutes, people!!!)
11. Go to Border's and buy Harry Potter #6 for self.
12. Go to Lowe's. Get the three items on list. Can't believe they weren't sold out.
13. Go to Sam's. Buy much more expensive version of the item we were looking for at Target. You get what you pay for, or so they say.
14. Officially broke, so home we go. Hubby pays the sitter and takes him home.
15. Eat lunch and dinner. Boring ho-hum afternoon.
16. Hubby gets sick and goes to bed.
17. Put kids to bed and wait for them to fall asleep.
18. I bring in the gifts and begin wrapping.
19. Hear crying upstairs. Realize youngest is now puking.
20. Run upstairs and reassure him everything's fine. Take care of jammies, bedding, and boy.
21. Tuck little boy into bed.
22. Repeat 19-21 every 20-30 minutes for the next four hours while trying to wrap the gifts spread out across the living room floor.
21. Finally get little guy to sleep.
22. Decide it'd be wise to sleep on the couch instead of in bed with awake and miserable and sick hubby.


1. Wake up to discover everyone in the house is feeling better. Breath huge sigh of relief.
2. Clean the house (somewhat)
3. Find Harry Potter #5 on my bookshelf and start reading.
4. Tend to family and house only as necessary. (Selfish reader)
5. Little guy and hubby still feeling a little under the weather.
6. Finish Harry Potter #5.


1. Decide this isn't a good weekend for church and sleep in accordingly.
2. Start Harry Potter #6.
3. Keep reading until the book is finished.
4. Occassionally remember to talk to family and feed children.