Little Man Update

My youngest saw the surgeon on Tuesday. It was horrific.

Although our family doctor had lanced the cyst the week before, he hadn't gotten rid of all of the infection. The surgeon palpatated the still swollen and sensitive area and announced he had to get the rest of the infection out before he could even schedule the surgery. He also explained he couldn't numb the area--apparently anesthetic doesn't work on abscesses--and that he would just have to do what was coming next as quickly as possible.

The Little Man was so brave but no one could have withstood what he went through without screaming and crying. The surgeon made an incision slightly larger than the one our family doctor had made and began pushing on the wound, much as you push at a zit to make it pop. The infection started to emerge in chunks. Once the surgeon had pushed as much out as possible, he grabbed a syringe (no needle) and filled it with saline solution. Twice he pushed the saline into the open wound in an effort to cleanse the site.

My poor baby has never screamed so long or so hard. His daddy had to hold his arms down and all we could do was try to calm him down with the tone of our voices. Even though I don't do well with blood, I couldn't stay away, so I stood near his feet and petted his legs. What I really wanted to do was push the doctor away and scoop my son up. Although the surgeon's actions were in G's best interest, it seemed like torture.

Finally the procedure was over and I could hold my little man. He cried and cried, telling me how much it hurt. Even the promise of ice cream with sprinkles couldn't stop the tears.

We go back next Tuesday so the surgeon can verify the infection has indeed disappeared. Then he'll schedule surgery to remove the cyst. Although the IV may scare the crap out of G, the surgery should be much easier on him than what's he been through the last few times he's been to the doctor's office.