Is It Ever Going to End?

I would really like to stop missing work because of illness or injury. The last few weeks have been ridiculous! I thought we were finally past the worst but I was wrong. I worked for about three hours today and then had to come home because one of the boys needed to go the doctor's office.

My youngest son has had a cyst on his upper chest near his collarbone since he was born. It gets fatty tissue in it every now and then but it's usually not an issue because a little squeeze and the thing pops just like a zit. Nice imagery, huh? But it's true.

Well over the weekend the damn thing got huge, hard, and red. Clearly infected. We babied it through the weekend and I made an appointment for him tonight after work. I dropped him off at the daycare and got a phone call a few hours later. The thing had popped and drained a bit on its own but apparently it had only made matters worse because my son was crying and upset, complaining whenever he had to move his arm or whenever his shirt would rub against it.

I have to say my boss has been beyond understanding and patient. Remember, this is a new job and taking time off isn't necessarily the best way to start off in a new department. But what do you do? My baby was in pain.

I picked him up from daycare and drove him right to the doctor's office--several hours before our appointment. The doctor numbed it, lanced it, and then had the nurse bandage it. Of course, it wasn't nearly as painless as that simple sentence would make you think. He cried and screamed through the entire process. "Owwie, owwie....mommy...mommy...owwie..."

I nearly passed out. I'm blaming it on the blood and pus. Truth is I think it was the emotional stress of listening to him and knowing I couldn't do anything to make it better.

Unfortunately I think the scene will be repeated next week. The doctor referred the little guy to a surgeon for removal of the cyst. I'm assuming it's a in/out patient procedure because we're going to the surgeon's office and not the hospital to have it done.

Next week hubby has to go. I'll be there but it'd be nice to have his daddy there, too.