Good News + Concert = Me Happy

My girlfriend and I have a tradition. It's a silly, totally-stuck-in-the-80s type of tradition but it's ours. Whenever Def Leppard offers a concert within a reasonable driving distance, we buy tickets. We tried adding up how many of these concerts we've been to and I must admit I'm embarrassed to admit how many of them we've managed to watch over the years. I think we agreed it was more than 10 but less than 15. Of course, that wasn't counting the numerous other concerts we've been to...just Def Leppard.

Well, true to tradition, when we found out the band was going to be playing in one of our favorite venues, we purchased tickets. There's eight of us crazy enough to pay nearly $50 a ticket. Call us crazy. Everyone else does!

The only fly in the ointment has been a babysitter issue. The concert is on a Sunday night (who was the moron who set that up?) and the kids have school the following morning. No big deal if the hubby hadn't planned a long weekend away to go hunting with his friends. The issue is complicated because my regular babysitter is a senior, so she has school the next day, same as mine. And how do you ask family members to keep your kids overnight and to take them to school/daycare the next morning because you want to go out partying with your friends? Do you see the problem here?

Luckily, things have a way of working themselves out. The hubby is going up earlier than planned, which means he's coming home earlier than planned, too! Yay! He'll be home Sunday afternoon. Just in time for me to kiss him on the cheek and head out the door to revel in my favorite 80s music.