Over the last couple weeks I've heard so many disturbing stories and seen such unbelievable footage. My heart aches for the men, women, children, and pets whose lives were lost or destroyed. I can only imagine what it must have been like to survive the storm only to discover the danger hadn't yet passed. And even though I can imagine, I'm sure reality far exceeds my imagination.

I can't watch the news without becoming irate. Between the government, the rapists, the looters, the prejudice, and the racism, I find myself ranting and raving at the television. I also find myself questioning the nature of our civilization. The answers I'm coming up with are ugly.

Yet, despite the depravity and incompetence, there are also stories of hope and happy endings. I try to weigh the good against the bad, to think of the people who have given money or supplies to help those in need.