And That's That

I had envisioned my last day in the office to be one where my giddiness would drive everyone else to distraction. Instead, I worked my tail off and hardly socialized with anyone. I know my efforts will make a difference in the coming week but it sucked having to closet myself away in my office.

Once I finished burdening my already overwhelmed coworkers with the last of my various duties, I turned off my computer and the lights in my office. How empty the room looked. No pictures or childish artwork on the walls. Nothing remained of me. My lava lamp, my plant, my radio...all gone. Just as I would be in a few minutes.

I hugged everyone goodbye, determined not to cry (sSaying goodbye is never easy, not even when you're excited and anxious to begin anew elsewhere). Then I walked out the door with the last of my posessions tucked safely in my tote.

Monday begins a whole new adventure. Wish me luck!