Writing Update

As you can imagine not much progress has been made this week. Considering the circumstances, I figure any progress is worth boasting about, though, so bear with me. :)

I don't know if I'm working on the rewrite of Dragonborn or simply creating a new story that parallels my first attempt at fantasy. The female MC and the antagonist have the same names and their backstorys are similar to those in DragonBorn but I'm not sure how much else will remain. Small pieces of worldbuilding still work but for the most part I think it's going to be completely revamped.

I figure I have to write this story because it just won't leave me alone. But what, then, do I do with my first sad attempt at fantasy? Do I toss it? The urge to toss it onto the Internet as a pdf with copyright stamped all over it is there but then I worry about what that would do to my chances of getting the majorly revamped story published. How different do they have to be? The title no longer works. The MC has changed. The world history is mutating. It'll no longer be the first in a trilogy but a stand alone novel. Yet, instinct tells me to hold the original close.

Magic & Madness:
I tried writing on this story a little bit this week. I think I added a paragraph or two after I deleted twice as many. ~sigh~

Redeeming Angels:
Didn't even give it a passing thought.