More Drama

Warning: Family rant ahead. Strong lanugage used. Proceed with caution.

You know what I'd love to tell my dad? No need to guess. I'll just blurt it out here on the web for the entire blog-o-sphere to read. I'd love to tell my dad to get some damned self-respect or his head out of his ass, whichever works best for him. Maybe a clue would be a good thing to have, too.

Why the sudden hissy fit of frustration? Apparently his psycho girlfriend--you remember her don't you? The alcoholic who has made it a habit to offend or alienate everyone in my family--bitch slapped him this weekend. Any harder and he said he would have stumbled. Now, my dad isn't a twig or a weakling so this slap had to have some umph behind it.

What did he do? He pretended to dial 9-1-1 and then acted as if he were talking to the operator. Of course, when psycho started hyperventilating, bawling, and mimicking heart attack symptoms, my sap of a dad told her he was sorry. The bitch hits you and then you kiss her manipulative ass? WTF?

I bet you're wondering what provoked her into slapping him, though, aren't you? Check this out. He told her "I don't love you." Seriously, that's why she hit him.

I still can't believe that bitch hit my dad.

Worse, I can't believe he let her manipulate him into feeling like the bad guy.

You know what makes me crazy? If my sister or I were in a relationship where a man ever dared to raise his hand to us, my dad would be the first in line to kick his ass. Dad would also be the first to insist we get the hell out of that relationship. He'd even go so far as to move us into his home and disrupt his life in order for us to be safe. I have not a single doubt about this.

But will he kick her out of his life? No. He'll be mad at her for a week or so and then the fear of being alone will kick into high gear and he'll conveniently forget what a bitch she is. She'll cry, tell him she's horny (did I mention she's a first class ho?), and he'll welcome her into his life once again.

I know it's wrong to wish bad things on people but this woman really brings out Evil Krista.